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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why do I need Field Dots?

Spend LESS time cleaning drill & MORE time learning music!
Learn your productions FASTER.
Set drill more ACCURATELY.

Q- Why not use a stencil?
If stencils worked, we would use them!  But they don't.
As an example, a full field of 1 x 1 grids has 13,686 dots. 
It is extremely difficult to paint accurately using stencils. 
If accuracy is important, this is not the best choice.

Q- Why not use someone else?
Every year, we have clients ask us to come and "fix" their fields. 
This is not a job for amateurs. 
Doing the job accurately is so difficult that no one else has been able to replicate our system.   Let us do it right the first time !!!!!

Q- What does it cost?
There is an option for EVERY budget!

Q- How long does it take?
In ONE day, we can give your band an advantage that lasts for years.

Q- How long does it last?
We use premium paint, and the field should last for years to come. 
Traffic, weather, surface condition, and surface prep may contribute to longevity.

Q- What services do you offer?
Field Dots
Band Circles
Accurate yard lines, numbers, arrows, ticks, and hashes
Cover up paint for old, inaccurate yard lines, etc. 
Centerfield logos
Custom colors
Color coded hash sets
Custom packages



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