Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why do I need Field Dots?

Spend LESS time cleaning drill & MORE time learning music!
Learn your productions FASTER.
Set drill more ACCURATELY.

Q- Why not use a stencil?
As an example, a full field of 1 x 1 grids has 13,686 dots. 
It is extremely difficult to paint accurately using stencils. 
If accuracy is important, this is not the best choice.

Q- Why not use someone else?
Every year, we have clients aske us to come and "fix" their fields. 
This is not a job for amateurs. 
Doing the job accurately is so difficult that no one else has been able to replicate our system.   Let us do it right the first time !!!!!

Q- What does it cost?
There is an option for EVERY budget!

Q- How long does it take?
In ONE day, we can give your band an advantage that lasts for years.

Q- How long does it last?
We use premium paint, and the field should last for years to come. 
Traffic, weather, and surface condition may contribute to longevity.

Q- What services do you offer?
Field Dots
Band Circles
Accurate yard lines, numbers, arrows, ticks, and hashes
Cover up paint of old yard lines, numbers, arrows, ticks, & hashes
Centerfield logos
Custom colors
& more!